Providing feedback for your co-workers can be incredibly stressful

I mean, nobody wants to hurt anybody’s feelings (or maybe you do), and what you write about others actually matters.

Not to get too grandiose, but sometimes it can make or break their chance at a promotion… or it can put them on notice with their boss that something is amiss.

When you really care about your colleagues, you don’t want to mess up their chances at doing well. Times are tough, and you need a way to provide constructive feedback that’s actually good for something.

How do you do that in your review? It can maddening – and a little anxiety-provoking.

Well, we’ve come up with an “assistive technology” for that. provides you with a framework to follow, so you don’t have to sweat about the format you’ll use or the way you’ll phrase things. It provides the space to call out the strong points, as well as identify areas for improvement.

It also phrases your review in ways that show the value they bring to your organization and your company, so your feedback is more than just a rote response to some HR requirement.

This app helps you write good reviews for your great team members without the stress that comes from not knowing what to say or how to say it. We hit on all the high points, and minimize the chance of negatives. And you can always tweak the text we generate after you’re done, so you have exactly the review you want to provide.

Quit stressing about giving feedback to your co-workers with the Year End Performance Review Generator.


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